The Sinai Trail is managed by a cooperative of Bedouin tribes. Local people are in charge of every aspect of the project. This is key to making good decisions that give the Sinai Trail the best chance of success. Outside help is still important though, and temporary staff and volunteers supplement our Bedouin team in key areas. The Sinai Trail is strenghtened still further by local partnerships in the Sinai, and mainland Egypt, plus other parts of the Arab world. Partners of the Sinai Trail support the growth and development of the trail, and all have a relationship with us based on cooperation and mutual benefit. Some of our partners are clubs or businesses that run events on the trail or offer services to hikers: their activities bring tourism to the Sinai Trail, benefitting the region. Other partners lend support or advice in key areas. The Sinai Trail is always looking to develop win-win partnerships with new organisations. If you are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch to discuss possibilities for cooperation.

jordan trail

Jordan Trail This country-length hiking route in Jordan that began as the vision of Tony Howard and Di Taylor – two UK-born pioneers of Jordan’s adventure travel scene – two decades ago. The project was taken up by Jordanians and, together with Tony and Di, fully mapped in 2014.  A Jordan Trail Association now manages the ongoing development of the trail further. Jordan is a natural sister land of the Sinai, especially in the south, with some of the same Bedouin tribes in both. The Jordan Trail and Sinai Trail are connected with a short ferry ride across the Gulf of Aqaba.


Three Peaks Egypt Challenge A new hiking challenge in the highlands of St Katherine, this launched in 2015. It aims to put a world class challenge hike on the Sinai’s adventure map, introducing more Egyptians to hiking and more foreigners to hiking in Egypt, whilst boosting tourism for the local community. The trail runs 38km through rugged mountains to the peaks of Jebel Abbas Basha, Jebel Katherina, and Mount Sinai. The challenge has been completed by Egyptians and hikers around the world and is growing fast. Its website and trail guides are updated on a non profit basis.


Habiba Organic Farm A highly commended agritourism project, Habiba Organic Farm is based in Nuweiba. It pioneers sustainable agricultural techniques local people can use in the desert, using them to grow crops from which they can derive a sustainable income. Alongside Habiba Organic Farm is a learning centrerun voluntarily, that aims to benefit the education of young Bedouin children. Habiba Organic Farm is well placed to share expertise on sustainable tourism and the farm may supply local organic produce for expeditions on the Sinai Trail in the future.