Sinai Trail

Hiking Maps

The Sinai Trail is a triangular ‘circuit’ that totals around 550km in length and which takes most people around 52 days to walk, if all major mountain peaks on the way are climbed. We have shown each side of the Sinai Trail ‘triangle’ in different colours in the map below. The easterly side is orange (running from Ras Shetan to Ein Kidd), the westerly side is turquoise (going from Ein Kidd to Serabit el Khadem passing by St. katherine) and the northerly side is dark blue (running from Serabit el Khadem to Ras Shetan). You can walk the whole Sinai Trail, doing the entire ‘triangle’: most people who do this start at Ras Shetan and walk it clockwise. However, others prefer to walk one side of the ‘triangle’ at a time. Other people prefer to do it in even shorter sections, sometimes just 2-5 day trip at a time, completing the trail over several years. The green routes signify the routes on which you can join or leave the Sinai Trail. It is possible to walk between any of the region’s major towns, following the trail this way.

The orange side of the triangle is mostly a lowland desert walk, through canyons, long, winding wadis, and desert plains, but there are some challenging mountains on the way.  The turquoise side of the triangle is significantly more challenging, with much more ascent and descent; this route winds through the highest mountains of the Sinai, summitting the Sinai’s most iconic peaks, and it involves significant stretches of scrambling and walking on poor, loose trails. The dark blue side of the triangle is a classic traverse through one of the greatest sand deserts in the Sinai: the Bedouin simply call it ‘El Ramla’: ‘The Sand’. There are canyons along the way and the route also ascents table top mountains, but it is not as challenging as the turquoise side of the trail. The green routes signify classic short routes on which the main trail can be easily accessed or departed.

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