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Bedouin guides are compulsory in Sinai. To book a guide through the official Sinai Trail Bedouin cooperative, email us at or call/WhatsApp +201005054119. We recommend using official Sinai Trail guides: they have received training in first aid, navigation and management of groups by accredited professionals and Bedouin elders; they speak excellent English and they know the official Sinai Trail route better than anybody, because they made it. Eight head guides currently work on the trail and many young apprentice guides are working under their tutelage on trips. 

When contacting us please tell us which part of the Sinai Trail you would like to hike and the period. In every area we can tailor made the route according to your need as distance or walking hours per day and total days you would like to hike. 

Below you can find more information about each section: 

From Ras Shetan to Ein Kidd

This hike is from Ras Shetan, in the Gulf of Suez, to Ein Kidd. We will walk thru wadis, sandy deserts, beautiful oasis with palms and bamboo crossing the territory of two different tribes: the Tarabin and the Muzeina.
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From Ein Kidd to St. Katherine

This hike if from Ein Kid to the high moutain of St. Katherine guided by the Awlad Said and the Jebeleya tribe. You will walk through narrow wadis, cross high passes and climb some of the highest peaks in Egypt.
Mt. Om Shomer – 2583mt, Mt. Katherina – 2642mt, Mt. Moses – 2285mt and Mt. Abbas Basha – 2383mt
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From St. Katherine to Serabit el Khadem

This hike is from the highland of St. Katherine till Serabit el Khadem in the Gulf of Suez. We will walk thru beautiful area of high mountains, deep gorges and most remote wadis, crossing high passes with the Jebeleya, Awlad Said, Gararsha, Hamada, Sowalha and Alegat tribe.
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From Ras Shetan to St. Katherine

This hike is from Ras Shetan, in the Gulf of Aqaba, to the highlands of St. Katherine. We will walk through wadis, sandy deserts and high mountains crossing the territories of three different tribes: the Tarabin from Ras Shetan until Ein Hudera, the Muzeina from Ein Hudera until Wadi Fara and the Jebeleya from Wadi Fara to St. Katherine.
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Serabit el Khadem circuit

On this hike we will walk the lesser trodden paths of the Sinai Trail, the Western Sinai desert.The trail is full of history from hundreds of years ago. We will visit the ruins of the Pharaonic temple of Serabit el Khadem, and its surrounding turquoise mines. Our path takes us in the footsteps of the ancient Nabateans where we will see their old rock inscriptions. We will also visit a fascinating old English ghost town in the desert and we will learn about Bedouin traditions and culture as we cross colourful Rocky Mountains and sweeping deserts in the territory of three different tribes: the Alegat, the Sawalha and the Hamada.
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