Classic Route from Ras Shetan to St. Katherine

This hike is from Ras Shetan, in the Gulf of Aqaba, to the  highlands of St. Katherine. We will walk through wadis, sandy deserts and high mountains crossing the territories of three different tribes.

We will walk the first four day with the Tarabin Tribe from Ras Shetan until Ein Hudera, four day with the Muzeina Tribe from Ein Hudera until Wadi Fara and the remaining four day with the Jebeleya Tribe from Wadi Fara to St. Katherine. The whole hike is around 210km and it takes 12 day to complete it. 

Is possible to walk only part of it. We can tailor made the route according to your need as kilometer or walking hours per day and for the total days you would like to hike.

For more information about the route please download our booklet