Sister Projects

Seven Summits Sinai

The Seven Summits Sinai Challenge is one of several grassroots community tourism initiatives founded by our team. Our projects seek to introduce people to a side of Egypt most people are unaware of. They are about putting Egypt’s desert wilderness on the map and boosting a new kind of tourism. Above all our initiatives seek to create jobs and opportunities in remote areas: especially those of a kind through which the traditional knowledge, skills and heritage of Egypt’s Bedouin communities can be kept alive in contemporary times.

Red Sea Mountain Trail

A 170km, 10 day hiking circuit near Hurghada, the Red Sea Mountain Trail is a challenging route traversing the highest mountains on mainland Egypt. Created by Bedouin tribesmen of the Maaza – one of the biggest tribes in Egypt – it opened in 2019 & was voted one of TIME Magazine’s Greatest Places a few months later. Inspired by the Sinai Trail it opens a new frontier for hiking tourism in the Middle East, putting a place on the map that has been virtually unseen outside the Bedouin community until now. Over the coming years, we hope to extend the Red Sea Mountain Trail into a 1000km route running the length of Egypt’s Red Sea Mountains, towards the border with Sudan.

Three Peaks Egypt Challenge

A 38km hiking route around St Katherine with 5000m of ascent & descent, the Three Peaks Egypt Challenge traverses three of Egypt’s highest, most iconic summits: Jebel Abbas Basha (2383m), Jebel Katherina (2642m) and Mount Sinai (2285m). The first challenge of its kind, it was founded in 2015 & has introduced a new type of mountain tourism to St Katherine. It can be attempted on three timescales: 72 hours, 24 hours, and 12 hours. People from all over the world have completed the Three Peaks Egypt Challenge. Currently, the record holder is Sherief Elabd, an Egyptian trail runner & the second Egyptian to summit Everest. His time is 7 hours, 22 minutes and 35 seconds.