Accommodation is found in settlements at the beginning and end of the Sinai Trail. Towns like St Katherine and Nuweiba have everything from Bedouin beach camps to hotels, and monastery guesthouses. The highlands of St. Katherine are home to a network of Bedouin orchards, some of which offer lodgings to hikers. Some of these orchards date back to Byzantine times and although they are basic, usually offering no more than a space in an old stone hut, perhaps with an outside toilet, they give hikers a point of contact with working hubs of Bedouin culture. Bedouin camp can be found at Ein Hudera: an oasis at the mid way point of the trail. Hikers can sometimes pitch tents next to Bedouin homes, with the families preparing meals and giving water for a small fee. On the Sinai Trail itself, often the only option is to sleep under the stars.

Accommodation near Nuweiba

Basata – Bir Sweir.
Is a beach camp with communal bathroom. Self-catering kitchen with food stocked & ready to buy, chef-cooked meals at dinner time, beach, mosque & carpark. For reservations call +2069-3500-480.

Sahara CampRas Shetan –
Is a beach camp with simple huts and share bathroom and hut with private bathroom. Mosquito nets, electricity sockets, air con on request, wifi, restaurant, communal bathroom, beach & carpark. For reservation call +201005073652. 

Maagana Camp  Ras Shetan.
Is a beach camp with communal bathroom. Mosquito nets, fans & electricity sockets in all bungalows but not beach huts; communal bathrooms, restaurant, beach & carpark. For reservation call +20100-384-5549 / +20 

Nakhl Inn Nuweiba.
Family-run hotel.  All rooms have fridge, a/c, en-suite bathroom, wifi, beach with snorkeling rental, open kayak facilities. For reservation call +20122-210-5906

Habiba Organic farm & Lodge – Nuweiba
Is an ecolodge, serving variety of organic food from their farm. Room with private bathroom and a/c. Private garden & beach & carpark. For reservation call +2 0109 111 3835

Accommodation in St. Katherine

Monastery of St Katherine Guesthouse – St. Katherine.
Bathroom, a/c, heater in winter, café/ restaurant. For reservation call +2069-347-0353.

Fox Camp – St Katherine, below Mt Sinai.
Is a Bedouin camp. Camping spots in olive garden. Private or communal bathrooms with heater in winter, wifi, restaurant, Bedouin tent, free tea & water, UN garden for medicinal herbs & organic kitchen produce, guide & camel hire available. For reservation call +20109-473-2417 or +20100-389-7416. 

Mas’oudi Camp– St. Katherine.
Guesthouse. All rooms en-suite, with heater in winter, restaurant, Bedouin tent, free tea, organic garden for kitchen produce. For reservation call +20100-336-5369

Ahmed Salah’s Garden – St Katherine.
Bedouin garden. Self catering accommodation. Guide & camel hire available. Call +20122-351-4898.