The Sinai Trail is going to be taking a break for the next few weeks & months until the global health crisis is brought under control. With the help of an amazing community of people in Egypt & beyond the Sinai Trail has made a real difference to the region: it has created jobs & opportunities in remote areas; it has brought tribes together; it has given hope in a difficult chapter of Sinai’s history & has underlined the beauty of an endangered nomadic culture to the world. At the moment it’s important we stop trail traffic to ensure the Sinai’s isolated communities are protected but the trail is going be back as soon as things get better. Big thanks to all who have supported the growth of the Sinai Trail: it was built in hard times & with everybody’s help it’ll survive them again to blossom in the future. 
Stay tuned for updates here & above all everybody stay safe!


shor trip

The Sinai Trail has been extended from a 220km, 12 day hike to a 550km, 54 day hike involving ALL THE EIGHT TRIBES of South Sinai. For the first time in over 100 years the tribes of the region will work together on a travelling route and we will be marking the launch of the new trail with a series of EIGHT special trips. ONE TRIP in the territory of EACH TRIBE.