The Sinai Trail is getting ready for its first ever thru hike of the complete route this coming autumn.
The Sinai Trail is divided into FOUR separate parts of which each last 12 days each & this time we’ll be walking the entire trail end to end. PART 1 runs from Ras Shetan on the Gulf of Aqaba coast to Ein Kidd, where a pretty oasis nestles in the mountains. This section will be guided by the Tarabin & Muzeina tribes. On PART 2 the route continues from Ein Kidd to the highlands of St. Katherine, traversing narrow wadis, rugged passes & Egypt’s highest peaks, with the Awlad Said & Jebeleya tribe taking the lead. PART 3 runs from St. Katherine to Serabit el Khadem via some of the Sinai’s most remote wadis & mountains, with the Jebeleya, Awlad Said, Gararsha, Hamada, Sowalha & Alegat tribes all taking part. PART 4 involves a Gulf-to-Gulf crossing, going from the deserts just inland of the Gulf of Suez coast back to the Gulf of Aqaba, via the biggest sand desert in the Sinai. The Alegat, Muzeina & Tarabin tribes will guide this section.
You can join a single part or more parts together.

shor trip


The Sinai Trail has been extended from a 220km, 12 day hike to a 550km, 54 day hike involving ALL THE EIGHT TRIBES of South Sinai. For the first time in over 100 years the tribes of the region will work together on a travelling route and we will be marking the launch of the new trail with a series of EIGHT special trips. ONE TRIP in the territory of EACH TRIBE.