Getting Around

Most major towns are connected by buses. This includes all towns on the east coast: Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, Taba and Nuweiba. The exception is St. Katherine, in the interior of South Sinai. This has no public transport connection from Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, and Nuweiba to the east coast except from Taba. Wherever you go in the Sinai, travel with your passport – which must inc e a full Egyptian tourist visa – or Egyptian ID card. There are regular inspections on roads.

Transport on the Sinai Trail 

Nuweiba – the main gateway for the Sinai Trail. The Sinai Trail has two different start points: Bir Sweir, about 25km north of Nuweiba, and Ras Shetan, about 15km north of Nuweiba. Both can be accessed from Nuweiba, by public bus or taxi. Get the public bus from Nuweiba to Taba, telling the driver to stop at either Ras Shetan or Bir Sweir. It is operated by the East Delta Company and goes daily, starting in the bus station near Nuweiba port and costing.  Nuweiba has daily East Delta Company public buses to Cairo, Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh. The bus to Cairo goes thru Wadi Feiran and stop also at the main check point of St. Katherine (Nabi Sala), 10km away from the tpws. It is also connected to Aqaba in Jordan by a daily international ferry.

Ein Hudera – the mid way point on the Sinai Trail. Hikers doing the first half of the Sinai Trail will finish here; they will start here if they are doing the second half of the trail. Many hikers also travel here direct, doing multi day hikes around the oasis. Private taxis can be used to get here; the closest drop off point is a small, disused roadside cafe, known as Cafeteria Jomaa. This is rarely known to taxi drivers from mainland Egypt, so use a Bedouin driver who knows the destination. Private taxis from Nuweiba or St Katherine to Cafeteria Jomaa take around 45 minutes. From here it is around a 60 minute walk to the oasis, through the desert, for which a Bedouin guide is compulsory. 

St Katherine this is the first, last, and only, town hikers will reach on the Sinai Trail after Nuweiba. Between Nuweiba and St Katherine, there is a daily public bus operated by East Delta. Another option is  a private taxi: this takes around 90 minutes. Private taxis can also be used between St Katherine and Cafeteria Jomaa, the drop off point for Ein Hudera. This journey takes around 45. St Katherine has daily public transport to Cairo: an East Delta bus runs from St. Katherine to Cairo 6am daily; from Cairo to St Katherine, it departs Cairo daily around at 11am.