Get Involved

The Sinai Trail was built by the Sinai community, for the Sinai community. Around the Sinai Trail project there is also a community of volunteers who help, and we are always on the look out for people with specific skills to strengthen further. There are many ways to get involved in the Sinai Trail project.

Organise a Sinai Trail event 
Whether you are an individual, a manager of a local club, a scout leader, headmaster, or a tour operator, bringing people to the Sinai Trail helps as much as anything. Your group will give a small number of local Bedouin work on the trail and your presence will encourage others to follow. Hiking isn’t the only thing you can do: you could organise a biking or climbing trip, a yoga or silence retreat, a survival skills or a team building weekend. To talk anything through, contact us.

Become a Sinai Trail partner 
The Sinai Trail has partnerships with several organisations. Generally, we work to mutually beneficial ends with partners: usually growing a particular activity from which the Sinai Trail can benefit in Egypt, or sharing links on eachother’s websites, or posts on social media.

Share us on social media 
This helps raise our profile. You can click on the social media icons on the top right to access our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest accounts. Please use the #SINAITRAIL hashtag in Sinai Trail posts. If you would like to volunteer to help run the Sinai Trail’s social media accounts, either in Arabic or English, please contact us.

Volunteer your expertise 
Are you a social media whiz? Would you be prepared to volunteer time to update our social media accounts? Or to give a masterclass on marketing to Bedouin guides? Are you an avid biker who’d like to develop new parts of the Sinai Trail for other bikers? Or a climber who’d like to pioneer new climbing routes along the trail? We value volunteers like this so if you are one or if you have a special idea for a way you can help, let us know!

Give us feedback 
This helps us improve the Sinai Trail and is very valuable. If you have feedback on any part of the trail or our trail guides or website, tell us about it!