1st MTB crossing of the Sinai Trail

This is just a quick bit of news to say the Sinai Trail has – for the vert first time – been ridden all the way top to toe: from the high mountains of St Katherine to the Gulf of Aqaba. A three-strong team including Musallem Abu Faraj of the Tarabin tribe – one of the Sinai Trail Bedouin developers – plus Kevin Davie, a professional rider and author of the book Freedom Rider, along with a Ukrainian riding partner made the trip successfully. They were supported by a Bedouin team making drops of food, water and sleeping gear at rendezvous points along the way. The team gave us some useful feedback, telling us that 80% of the trail could be ridden. The other 20% had to be walked and there were some tough porterages over high passes. Over the coming year the Sinai Trail team will be exploring the possibility of making the trail 100% rideable by developing alternative trail segments specifically for bike crossings where these would be difficult on the main hiking route. Keep checking back here for all the news. Congratulations to all the guys who just finished the trail from everybody at the Sinai Trail team!

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