Bedouin Women led a group of hikers

For the first time ever a group of Bedouin women led a group of hikers along a section of the Sinai Trail this weekend. They walked the beautiful hills around Wadi Sahow & the head guide was Um Yasser of the Hamada tribe. Up to now the Sinai Trail has been guided by men – who have done an amazing job in showing the Sinai to the world – & all of whom are proud to see Bedouin women doing the same. With women involved in guiding roles the Sinai Trail will bring out even more of the rich knowledge & wisdom of its communities. Big thanks to Um Yasser & her husband Ibrahim Abu Abeid for the years of work they put into making this happen & to the whole community in Wadi Sahow for bring so supportive. The women will be handling more trips soon so stay tuned for updates!