The Sinai Trail is getting ready to welcome the world back for its first thru hike since the beginning of the COVID pandemic! If you haven’t heard of it before the Sinai Trail is Egypt’s first ever long distance hiking trail: a 550km-long hiking route traversing the Middle East’s greatest wilderness & the territories of eight Bedouin tribes along the way. Founded in 2015, the Sinai Trail has grown into one of Egypt’s leading community tourism initiatives, creating legitimate jobs & opportunities in some of its most remote desert regions; especially those of a kind that help keep the region’s traditional Bedouin knowledge, skills & heritage alive in modern times.

The Sinai Trail is divided into four separate sections & we will hike one section on this journey. We’ll walk around 220km over 12 days, going through the wild, westerly parts of the peninsula. We’ll walk rugged wadis & vast, sweeping plains & we’ll climb some of the Sinai’s highest & most iconic mountains along the way. We’ll move how Bedouin have always moved in these deserts, walking with caravans of camels & sleeping under the desert stars.

The thru hike will be one of the best escapes in the world after the times of the pandemic. Whoever you are, it can change your life.

We will traverse a 220km section of the Sinai Trail over a period of 12 days. The hike will begin in the highlands of St Katherine & will go deep into the wild, westerly parts of the mountains, ending at the pretty green oasis of Ein Kidd. The hike will be a challenging one & you will need to have a good level of fitness to join.

The cost of the trip is LE24,725 for anybody joining from outside Egypt & LE13,925 for Egyptians/ foreigners who are resident in Egypt, with official Egyptian residency/ work permits.

Specifically this includes:
1. Accommodation in twin rooms in a Bedouin camp in St Katherine on 26th Feb 2022 & breakfast on the morning of 27th Feb.
2. Breakfast, lunch & dinner every day of the trail except day 12, which will be breakfast & lunch only. Drinking water & Bedouin tea.
3. Guides, camels, support crew on-trail & permission fees.
4. Minibus transfer to the trailhead in St Katherine on the morning of Feb 27th. Jeep & minibus transfers from Ein Kidd oasis to Sharm el Sheikh when the hike ends on 10th March.
Any extras to the above – e.g. personal snacks, transport to St Katherine before the hike, transport to places other than Sharm el Sheikh after the hike, hiking gear etc – are NOT included in the trip.

Please note the Sinai Trail is not able to rent hiking equipment – e.g. tents & sleeping bags – to hikers on this journey.

A deposit of LE7500 is required to confirm your place on the thru hike. This is non refundable. The remaining payment must be made in cash on the day of the trip. We will send all details on how to pay once we have assessed every application and accepted you into the thru team. If the trip is officially cancelled by the Sinai Trail for reasons relating to COVID – e.g. new Egyptian government restrictions on travel within/ to Egypt etc – your deposit will be returned in full up to the day of the trip. We do not expect any major changes in Egypt’s policy towards travel in the time of the pandemic. Nevertheless, we know travel is not as certain as it once was and want to give the maximum confidence we can to anybody who books in this time.

First of all, please remember this is a wilderness trip. You will walk a long way from settlements. There will be no toilets, beds or easy conveniences. We will walk & live the Bedouin way; sleeping in the sands, under the big desert skies, eating food cooked on a fire. If you’re not used to it, this can be difficult; but there are many things to love about it too. We’d love to be able to accept everybody who applies for the hike, but we have just 10 places.

To be accepted, it’s important you are physically fit, active and healthy. You should have good stamina and endurance, and lots of mental resilience; there will be times when you need it.
Please note there will be a compulsory fitness assessment for every Egypt based hiker in Cairo, which all must pass.
We also require every hiker joining the trail to have had a COVID PCR test within the 48 hours before the hike begins.
To join email answering the Qs below in full.
1. Nationality
2. Date of Birth
3. Mobile number (+ WhatsApp if possible)
4. Place of residence
5. How physically fit do you think you are on a scale of 1-5 (with 1 the lowest & 5 the highest)
6. How often do you exercise/ play sport
7. Hiking experience. Please tell us a bit about your existing hiking experience – e.g. have you hiked in the Sinai before? If so, where? Have you ever done a multi-day trek, and how long did it last? How often do you hike and when was the last time you hiked? Do you have any experience in any other outdoor activity, like scrambling, rock climbing etc?
8. Fitness. Please tell us about your current lifestyle and level of fitness: how physically fit would you say you are on a scale of 1-5 (5 = the best, a total pro). How regularly do you exercise & what are your favourite activities e.g. walking, jogging, workouts?
9. What weight class best describes you from the following: 1. 60-70kg 2. 70-80kg 3. 80-90kg 4. 90-100kg 5. 100-120kg 6. 120kg +?
10. Do you have any health conditions/ injuries that could be relevant on a long remote mountain hike? E.g. asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, mental health conditions of any kind etc? Could any of these be aggravated over a 12-day hike far from medical help in the wilderness?
11. Why do you want to hike the Sinai Trail? Do you have a special goal? Is it the challenge, solitude, or adventure? Or the chance of meeting new people or just seeing more of Egypt?
12. What is your COVID 19 vaccination status?
13. Are you willing to take a COVID 19 PCR test in the 48 hours before the hike?

Thanks & we’re looking forward to welcoming you back soon!