Sinai Trail Disclaimer

The Sinai Trail is a long distance public hiking route in Egypt. It is represented by a small cooperative of individuals from three different Bedouin tribes in the region. This website provides information on the Sinai Trail and by providing this information, the Sinai Trail does not assume any liability for the use of this information by our readers. Travelling, walking, backpacking and other outdoor activities all have potential hazards involving risk of injury or death, and each person participating in these activities needs to understand the risks involved, obtain the necessary training and advice, and take the needed precautions.

You recognize this and assume all risks of property damage, personal injury and death, and agree to hold the Sinai Trail, its intertribal Bedouin cooperative and any other staff, partners or contributors to this project and authors of all material on this website harmless from any liability and loss that may arise as a result of your use of the path or any maps, information or other materials provided by or for the Sinai Trail.  You agree that you will not bring or otherwise participate in any claim, suit, or cause of action of any kind, whether based on negligence, breach of contract or duty or otherwise, for property damage, personal injury or death, against the Sinai Trail Bedouin Cooperative Initiative or any other Sinai Trail party, arising from or related to your use of the path or any maps, information or other materials provided to you by the Sinai Trail.  You accept full responsibility for all medical expenses and emergency treatment arising from or related to your use of the path or any maps, information or materials provided to you by the Sinai Trail.

It must be strongly emphasized that the wilderness in and of itself can be a dangerous place and that areas in the Middle East can suddenly become subject to security instability. No one should undertake any walk described on or referred by the Sinai Trail website without evaluating the associated risks and assuming personal responsibility for those risks in full and in their entirety. You alone are responsible for determining if you should attempt any of the hikes referred to or described on the website. Read our advice on safety.

You accept the terms and conditions set forth in this Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability by downloading, streaming or using any map or other information or materials provided on the Sinai Trail website.